Past Events

Alpha Phi Omega strives to embody all three of its pillars of leadership, friendship, and service. Here are just some of the events that we have put on in our continued effort to embody those values.

Benefit Date Auction

The Benefit Date Auction was one of our most successful fundraising events last semester, raising over $1,300 for Books Behind Bars. The money went towards broadening access to literature for prison inmates. The auction itself comprised of volunteers who performed for the crowd and then had two hours of their time “auctioned” off with the proceeds going to charity.

APO TriSectionals (2014)

APO Assemble! That was the theme for tri-sectionals, an event in which multiple chapters of Alpha Phi Omega come together for the weekend. Our chapter was lucky enough to host the event last year.

Winter Banquet

Winter Banquet is the end of the year event in which all brothers come together, celebrate, and be merry. In addition, we give out superlatives to each brother as voted on in a democratic fashion and we take festive photos!


PREP, or Penn Resources for Educational Progress, is our very own original service project to teach and inform high school youth about their available future collegiate and career paths. Special thanks to Nancy Minyanou, Gloria Lin, Andrew Liu, and the service committee for brainstorming and organizing the entire workshop!