Leadership at Alpha Phi Omega

Leadership is one of the three cardinal principles of Alpha Phi Omega. Learn more about how APO develops leadership among its brothers.

“We cannot build our own future without helping others build theirs.” Brother William “Bill” Clinton, Mu Alpha ’67, Past President of the United States of America

Alpha Phi Omega strives to develop our members as leaders through service to others. This approach builds the leadership skills of our members while fulfilling a need on campus, in the community and for the youth in our communities, therefore leaving a lasting impact on our nation.

Alpha Phi Omega develops the leadership skills of its members through shared leadership. Our members have the opportunity to serve as a chapter officer or to plan and execute any number of volunteer projects and social programs, as well as have the chance to participate in a variety of leadership development programs sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega.

In addition to the experiential leadership gained through providing service, our organization facilitates educational programs to help guide our members through the process of becoming a leader or improving their leadership skills. These programs consist of both online and in-person workshops and are presented by trained volunteer staff. The following programs are offered to members of Alpha Phi Omega who seek to improve their leadership skills, both for work within APO and in their professional lives.


The APO LEADS leadership development program consists of five modular components of leadership development – Launch, Explore, Achieve, Discover and Serve. Each of the components address a different aspect of leadership growth that allows attendees to continue developing skills no matter their level of experience. Collectively, this series is designed to equip attendees with the skills to enable them to be successful leaders and team members in any situation they encounter in college and beyond.

A bit more about APO LEADS….

  • APO LEADS courses (with the exception of Serve) can be requested for presentation at a chapter gathering or conference
  • Anyone is welcome to attend APO LEADS courses – nonmember, pledge, chapter member, alumni, etc.
  • Courses are a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 30 attendees.
  • APO LEADS Launch is a prerequisite for all other course modules, and is available online. All other courses can be taken in any order.
  • APO LEADS Serve is a weekend-long summer program held at rotating locations around the country


APO IMPACT is a national training program that gives chapter leaders and alumni volunteers the skills needed to run healthier and more productive chapters and committees.  APO IMPACT is divided into three resource options – APO IMPACT Guides, APO IMPACT Live and APO IMPACT Workshops – to help meet the diverse needs of our members.

APO IMPACT Guides are a series of resource documents intended to help various types of members better themselves in their current roles.

Chapter leadership

APO IMPACT Guides are resources for executive board members. Each leadership guide lays out the general responsibilities of each office, which include reporting requirements as well as suggestions of how to run an effective committee.

General membership
APO IMPACT Guides are manuals intended for all chapter members to take advantage of in order to develop their personal leadership skill set. These guides are tools for all members to utilize, which include techniques to effectively plan events, set up a chapter calendar, and correspond with internal and external audiences.

APO IMPACT Guides are resources intended for members transitioning into the alumni role and for alumni who want to make the transition back into APO as a volunteer.