Rush Information – Spring 2019

Alpha Phi Omega’s rush process is completely open to all students at the University of Pennsylvania. It is an opportunity for rushes to become acquainted with its Brothers, purposes, and values and for the Brothers to get to know potential pledges.

Why Join APO?

The fraternity of Alpha Phi Omega aims to unite individuals in their quest to generate permanent change in the local community of Philadelphia and on a national scale. The unique pledging process aims to instill a passion for the organization’s core principles of leadership, friendship, and service in its pledges so that they may embrace them, live by them, and share them with others. Alpha Phi Omega is more than just a group of individuals: it is a family that Brothers rely and depend on during and beyond the university years.

Schedule of Events

Please come to at least one Meet and Greet to get to know the brotherhood. The rest of rush events will allow us to teach you the three pillars of our brotherhood of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. We look forward to meeting everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to rush?
Any student currently enrolled at Penn! We are open to all years (including grad students!), genders, and majors.

What’s required of me to rush APO?
We ask that you come out to a Meet and Greet to find out about the organization and talk with some brothers, as well as attend the rush events in the following weeks. At the end of the two-week process, all rushes will be interviewed. This is just a chance for us to get to personally know each and every rush

What if I want to rush but can’t make all the events?
While we highly recommend you come to all of our rush events to be eligible for a bid, we simply ask that you please let us know if and why you are unable to make an event. You can contact as at

So what comes after rushing?
At the end of the rush process, bids will be extended to those who have satisfactorily completed rush requirements and who we deem to exemplify the principles of APO: leadership, friendship, and service. There is no limit on the number of bids we are able to extend so don’t worry, it’s not a competition between you and your fellow rushes!

If you have any questions, please contact us at